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A ghetto/gankstuh hippie. Combines elements of the gangsta/hippie lifestyle. Due to the fact that these two cultural movements are on opposite ends of the spectrum, a ghippie is subject to extreme mood swings. One minute they will be preaching peace and love, and the next they will be pulling their gat to murk a ho. Ghippies are often found on the West Coast, although they can be found almost anywhere.
That ghippie gets his swag on when he comes through in the '10 VW bug with the 22" spinners on them feet.
by harryhaller December 19, 2009
A member of the group Pilgrims of the New Millenium. The group split from the Lutheran church in 1994, due to its radical views, and at the time consisted of 23 members. The founder, known only as "Daddy-father", disappeared around the beginning of 2000. Their core belief stems from a vision sent by God to "Daddy-father". In the vision "Daddy-father" was told to take his people and migrate south until he reached the new Promised Land. Many believe that the PotNM have seen tremendous growth among their ranks during their pilgrimage. The location of the new Promised Land remains unknown, although some speculate it resides somewhere in the volcanic area known as the Ring of Fire.
"I have heard rumors that the Pilgs are not allowed to speak until their 13th birthday."
by HarryHaller July 02, 2009
The word was first coined in the infamous 1968 film "Danny and the Postmaster". Often associated with homosexuality although equally applicable to heterosexuality, a poosterini is a rarely washed penis encrusted in feces. According to the movie, the creation of a poosterini requires complete neglect of hygiene towards the penis for a period of at least three weeks combined with consistent anal sex.

Pronounced: Poo-stir-e-knee
From "Danny and the Postmaster": "Danny, are you familiar with the term, poosterini?"
by HarryHaller June 21, 2009

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