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Once cool, now a creationist tool.
Ben stein was once cool (when he had his TV show, win ben stein's money), now he's a creationist tool.
by Harry_Pothead6009 April 21, 2008
What the Iraq War has turned the U.S. dollar into.

1 Euro is now equal to $1.60.
The U.S. Dollar becoming an example of monopoly money.
by Harry_Pothead6009 April 30, 2008
A buzzword that creationists use to refer to the theory of evolution. They use this word to try to equate the theory of evolution with ideologies like communism and fascism.

Such a tactic is dishonest. The theory of evolution is not an ideology. Ideologies are PROSCRIPTIVE--they make value judgments and say what should and shouldn't be done. The theory of evolution, like all other scientific theories like gravity, relativity, etc., is DESCRIPTIVE--it describes and explains facts. Such theories are testable by analyzing them to see what the predictions that they make, and then seeing if those predictions match the facts.

For example, applying the theory of relativity predicts where the stars will be. We look at our hubble telescope and see that lo and behold, the stars are indeed where the theory predicts them to be!

The theory of evolution predicts that the evidence will show that humans and chimpanzees are closely related. We look at human chromosome 2, and see that it's virtually totally analagous to two chimp chromosomes, and lo and behold, human chromosome 2 has a fusion site with telomeres in the middle of the chromosome! (Imagine taking the 2 chimp chromosomes and "scotch-taping" them together--that's what human chromosome 2 looks like).

darwinism is an example of a stupid and dishonest creationist buzzword.
by Harry_Pothead6009 April 21, 2008
Taxonomic classification between domain and phylum. See examples.
1. The animal kingdom is part of the eukaryote domain. The chordate phylum is part of animal kingdom.

2. Humans are part of the animal kingdom.

3. Weed is part of the plant kingdom.

4. Shrooms are part of the fungus kingdom.

5. Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea are part of the monera kingdom.

6. Herpes is a virus, which uses a completely different taxonomic system.
by harry_pothead6009 September 24, 2007
Anzac day. Celebrates the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landing at Gallipoli.
April 25th is anzac day. Walzting matilda, waltzing matilda, you'll come waltzing matilda with me!
by Harry_Pothead6009 April 08, 2008
A denomination that has become the face of christianity in general. Consequently, it is a leading cause of secularization.

Also known for speaking in tongues. And for being a cult, of course.
The pentecostal prayer goes like this: bhals baoahen ihporn bar aobn bor biurt mf lkhdf afvp euir powehg af biau aiuw vabaw aiwuer vapweb

by Harry_Pothead6009 April 07, 2008

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