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a person in your area who is clearly a douche bag but tries his hardest to be down with the cool crowd is your towns "the clegg" the clegg often comes as part of a group of "cleggs" however the ring leader is the only one who can be referd to as "the clegg"

in their attempts to be cool they will claim they can down a pint in 30 seconds, hovever they prefere to go home early and get insanely drunk on their own.... at home. Clegs are as rowdy when there hung over as you are when your drunk, going to work hung over may mean that "the clegg" may tell their boss to fuck off, result in shoddy workmanship or in extreme scinarios, they stay at home and jack off.
"Dude, he's totaly the clegg of our town"

"Yeah, lets sell him a low quality garment at a high price, so that he thinks he is getting top quality gear when actualy he will soon find out that it is monney not very well spent"

"or we could just shit in his bath?"
by harry jingleschmit May 01, 2009

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