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A very obnoxious person, unlikeable in any way.
I tried to handle his complaint with courtesy but he kept acting like a #10 buttplug.
by harry flashman July 06, 2003
An antonym for complimentary.
Latrelle was never going to shop at Pigley-Wigley again, they'd asked him to quit groping the melons and he thought their tone of voice was very rudementary.
by harry flashman August 11, 2003
The geographic region South of Alabama; Northwest Florida Panhandle.
Bubba didn't care for the anthropology Professor's implication that offspring born to natives of Baja Alabama often didn't have the benefit of married parents...what did he know?...his parents was kin before he was born.
by harry flashman August 10, 2003
An insult referring to one of uncertain hygeine, gut-wrenching body odor and having a personality like a warped shitcan.
Petruccio was an unlikeable smegmoid who had foreshortened arms coupled with great girth owing to a glandular problem which rendered him incapable of wiping his ass and therefore friendless.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
The unofficial language of the U.S. Navy, spoken for the sake of brevity and clarity.
While our sister service, the United States Marine Corps, is able to grasp the rudiments of Profanese and speak it in a pidgen fashion, the Air Force fails to master even the most basic vocabulary, grammar and syntax rendering meaningful communications difficult.(Translated into Profanese thus: Fucking Grunts shit circles around douchebag zoomie mofos in talking shit.)
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
What happens to a dog that is unrestrained by its owner that torments livestock, bites your children or defecates on your redwood deck more than once.
Princess is gonna have a hunting accident this weekend.
by harry flashman July 15, 2003
A sober reality that realizes that even though life sometimes sucks you keep moving forward.
Get used to the real world...if you don't like your $5.50/hr job go develop a skill that pays more.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
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