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An interjection indicating exasperation.
Catshit and apple butter, I just got put in charge of the United Way campaign again this year.
by harry flashman July 06, 2003
An infatuation with flatulence.
Delbert loved to share his inflatuation with strangers in long lines at Wal-mart check-out counters and in long elevator rides.
by harry flashman August 14, 2003
1971 Bruce Lee epic motion picture about Kung-Fu and masturbation.
Bruce Lee, starring as Cheng Chao-an said to Hsiu Chen, "Beat it or I will kill you right now", thus was born Fists of Fury.
by harry flashman August 05, 2003
1000 nanogivashits, 1,000,000 picogivashits.
What Geraldo Rivera is thinking doesn't even register on my microgivashit meter.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
To speak without clarity.
I listened to Bubba mumbo 'bout traffic jams, gettin' pulled over for speeding and hitting a deer but dammit the pizza weren't only cold...he ate everthang but the crust.
by harry flashman July 30, 2003
Redneck for "ready for action" or "ready to make speed." (An allusion to retracting the foreskin in uncircumsized males before action.)
Cleotis heard the Yankee accent and was skint back and started looking around for a pool cue. After the bar brawl Cleotis jumped in his Firebird and had it skint back doing 90 up Highway 31.
by harry flashman July 28, 2003
A baseline reference of how screwed up someone or something is.
Giving up on ever coaxing coherence or lucidity out of Mrs Nasselwein, Dr Perls said to his patient, "Lady, you're more fucked up than a soup sandwich."
by harry flashman July 23, 2003

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