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317 definitions by harry flashman

1000 nanogivashits, 1,000,000 picogivashits.
What Geraldo Rivera is thinking doesn't even register on my microgivashit meter.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
12 3
Having acquired a liberal, transparent, plastic West-coast world view that values flat abs, trendy fashion and image over substance and character.
Those Baldwins used to be such nice boys...their mama was so proud. Now just look at them, the way they carry on. I think they got californicated.
by harry flashman July 06, 2003
28 19
An interjection indicating exasperation.
Catshit and apple butter, I just got put in charge of the United Way campaign again this year.
by harry flashman July 06, 2003
11 2
n. Characterized by having phallitosis.
Rob has the worst case of peckerbreath I have ever encountered.
by Harry Flashman July 02, 2003
11 2
An infatuation with flatulence.
Delbert loved to share his inflatuation with strangers in long lines at Wal-mart check-out counters and in long elevator rides.
by harry flashman August 14, 2003
14 6
To speak without clarity.
I listened to Bubba mumbo 'bout traffic jams, gettin' pulled over for speeding and hitting a deer but dammit the pizza weren't only cold...he ate everthang but the crust.
by harry flashman July 30, 2003
10 2
Combined with a shrug, this is a useful phrase to avoid answering questions.
Q. Have you accepted our lord, Jesus Christ, as your personal Saviour? A. No hable Ingles.
by harry flashman July 27, 2003
35 27