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The male member, or penis.
I have a weird rash on my vaguyna, thank God for Penicillin!
by Harrison Bergeron August 19, 2005
A whore, tramp, skank, uber-slut; a gangelion of termagentcy.
you had sex with a car you skeezbag!
by Harrison Bergeron April 17, 2005
A penis. A play on words, mimicking the term "vagina".
That girl is a huge slut, she loves to rock the vaguyna.
#phallus #cock #dick #man handle #rod #johnson
by Harrison Bergeron June 28, 2006
An outward display of homosexual affection in the public eye.
"Dude, I'm not a homophobe, but I still think PDGay is wicked gross."
"Unless they're hott lesbians, right?"
"Of course. I'm not gay."
#out #seacrestian #flaming #gay #& homo
by Harrison Bergeron June 28, 2006
When beginning foreplay with certain women, the blood rush to the genitals creates a radiating warmth that can be felt through clothes. Also known as ass fever(pronounced "ass fee-vah"), this sensation is a good indicator that the eager participant wants your vaguyna.
Damn, that skeezbag gets hella crotch heat, I could fry an egg on her ass!
by Harrison Bergeron August 18, 2005
The unfortunate event that occurs while taking a dump, & upon impact the dookie jettisons a drop of toilet water up one's poop shoot.
I was having a great shit until I got terrible ass backdraft. They need to put less water in the toilets, or make them taller. shit.
#dookie #taking a dump #poop shoot #shit #& poo water
by Harrison Bergeron July 16, 2006
1. Condiction following arousal in a female in which the ba-donka-donk becomes exceedingly warm.

syn. crotch heat
I gotta meat themometer fo' yo ass fever, biotch!
by Harrison Bergeron August 19, 2005
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