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a store for usually preppy people. they have good quality clothes for an okay price. often compared to a&f and hollister, but its actually in some ways alot different. for one thing their smalls are like a large at abercrombie.(no offense to abercrombie or anything, but it is true)
i get like all of my clothes at american eagle
by harper sloane April 30, 2006
a store owned by abercrombie that markets west coast inspired styles appealing to mostly junior high and some high schoolers. the clothes are of decent quality, though i would advise you that if you are wide shouldered like me, dont wear thier tank tops. its about the same price as american eagle, less exspensive than a&f, and the same price as abercrombie kids. if you are tired of american eagle, like abercrombie, but dont fit into the kids clothes and dont want to pay 34 dollars for a teeshirt at a&f, hollister is the store for you.
hollister is a decent store
by harper sloane April 30, 2006
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