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3 definitions by hardpen

It is anything that is useless and non-sense. It could be someone who is non-sense or not worth dealing with or listening to. Taken from the word garbage.
His ideas are garbagic.
Don't entertain garbagic thoughts.
Avoid garbagic people for nothing can be learned from them.
by hardpen October 10, 2010
The word is used in the workplace to refer to too many tasks given with too little time to accomplish them.
Paperworks are neckdeep, I may not be able to finish it on time.
by hardpen October 03, 2010
A basketball player fond of dunking the ball

A basketball player who would instinctively and powerfully dunk the ball usually leaving his opponents awed. exasperated or intimidated.

A basketball player who delivers monster dunks with great passion and authority.
Blake Griffin is the best dunkard I have ever seen.
by hardpen January 24, 2011