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A small south-Western Australian town, 60km inland from Busselton. Nannup is a friendly quiet town with a healthy atmosphere. Surrounded by Marri and Jarrah forests, Nannup hosts various flower and gardern festivals, as well as the well known Nannup Music Festival in March.

Many ignorant people from Busselton and surrounding costal towns like to call Nannup a hole. Ironically, Nannup is located higher than Busselton, which is built at almost sea level, and when the sea levels rise due to global warming, Busselton will be completely submerged, drowning and/or displacing it's residents, and Nannup will be prime beach-front real-estate.

Because of a history of Nannup being a haven for hippies around the 70's, the town is also targeted as being largely populated by pot-heads. This might be true, but in no way is the level of marijuana use there any more than in towns such as Margaret River, Dunsborough and Busselton.
Ignorant Bogan: "Hey how's it going living in nannup, oh i see you've cleverly disguised your second head under that jacket, you inbred"

Nannupian: "Go drink some more bundy and drive your 1996 V8 commodore into a lake you twat"
by hardlyavegan August 27, 2009
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