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A makeshift home for a hobo, not a homeless person. Often very hard to spot by the eyes of a human, but for a hobo it is easy to spot. Multiple hobos may try to share one large nest, but hobos are very possesive, so they will often take a piss on each others stuff to claim it, which results in the hobos splitting up.
Guy 1: is that some sort of clubhouse.
Guy 2: no dude some hobo needed a place to keep his shopping cart so he made a nest.
by hardcoreconservative69 March 06, 2011
The act of one hobo urinating on another hobos mattress to claim it. A Hobo claims his possesions by urinating on them, because it leaves a distinctive smell. For example if a hobo named joe from ny pissed on his matress, a hobo from california could smell that matress and say, o thats joes matress because all hobos know each other even if they have never met. Its called programmed hobo intelligence (phi) It is very offensive to piss on another hobos matress.
Hey thats my mattress!
No i pulled a Hobo mattress claim and pissed on it its mine now!
by hardcoreconservative69 March 06, 2011
The sexual act of of two males or transvestites putting their genitallia into both ears of a woman, with the goal of meeting their genitals in the middle, although this is rarely achieved.
Guy 1: Dude u must have had some crazy sex!

Guy 2: Yeah we tried meet in the middle
by hardcoreconservative69 March 06, 2011
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