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verb. To have relationships on the side, or to have sexual relations without one's friends having knowlege of the encounters.

noun. The person who acts as the significant other in said events.
Example 1
Friend 1: I haven't seen Pete around on the weekends lately. What the hell is he up to?
Friend 2: I think he's getting some secret ass.

Example 2
It wasn't 'till months later that Pete finally got up the courage to introduce his secret ass to his friends.
by hardcore_2031 July 02, 2005
verb. to acquire or gain posession of
There is no way I'll be able to afford that concert ticket unless I lay hands on some cash.

Were you able to lay hands on a copy of that CD?
by hardcore_2031 July 05, 2005
verb. the act of a single person hanging out with a couple or group of couples, instead of hanging out with his/her single friends
Person 1: Where has Amy been all month? I haven't seen her out on the weekends.
Person 2: Oh she's been coupling with Brenda, Kim, and their boyfriends these past few weeks.

Everyone was pissed at Hector when he decided to go out coupling instead of visit the strip club with his boys.
by hardcore_2031 July 05, 2005

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