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Derived from the Canadian lifestyle of Scarborough folk, a "Scarborough Slow Dance" is basically rape in a back alley.
Yo, that bitch looks fine... I'm gonna give her the old Scarborough Slow Dance...
by haravymas October 10, 2009
Commonly used street slang in western India in the late 1840's, an Egyptian Malibu is a mythological sexual act, performed by an ancient African tribe (that may or may not have even existed!). The Malibu was made famous by King Ramses the 8th in Luxor, Egypt, with his numerous carvings, depicting young women receiving his "seed" through their (no joke) nostrils. This is a rarely seen carving, but it is intact to this day!
"Hey I saw that chick in the Guinness book of world records on tv"
"What did she do?"
"She could take a glass of milk up the nose and squirt it out her tear duct"
"Man, she could probably give a really nice Egyptian Malibu"
by haravymas July 22, 2009
The Tequila-Bumrise is said to be the action of interlocking one's anus, with the outer lips of the female genitalia, and then passing fecal matter between the two parties.
"I pulled out last night, slipped, and shat a log right into her snatch"
"Gross, were you drunk?"
"That's why they call it a Tequila-Bumrise..."
by haravymas September 02, 2009

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