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the nazi sasquach that is hairy and is goin to rape whatever it sees that is rapeable and likes to kill shit that isnt.

the most awsome mythical creature to ever exist, it lives wherever the fuck it wants and is supperior even to huck noris, the wannabe chuck norris.

"hey, jim! its a sasquach!"
"uh, bob, that no sasquac- ahhhhhhhhh!"
jim dies.
bob gets raped.

the swastisquach pwns bitches
by happypill363 January 19, 2008
we people whom feel that humanity is a horrible race of cruel and heartless people and that therefore we could not possibly be a member of them. we believe that we are something else, or at least partially so...

and while some of our number do fall under the category of a "furrie" they are not the majority and also, not all of us think we are something else, but we still wish that we where.
"since otherkin insist that they are not human that it should be illegal to hunt them for sport but still not considered murder" = one of many horrible persons.
by happypill363 January 19, 2008

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