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Jennifer's are ususally very beautiful, nice, funny, trustworthy, and have a bubbly personality! Jennifer's always have a smile on their face and laugh a lot, they are just positive people but they might be hiding their real feelings behind that happy face. Take every word they say to heart, they speak the truth. And if you're the one they say "I love you" to, take it seriously, they really mean it, it is not just their way of saying i like you. Jennifer's are very honest! They are people that you want to be best friends with. Jennifer's are amazing!
Guy1: My girl is such a sweetheart, and she said i love you

Guy2: Dude, don't let her go! She really means it and she's such a Jennifer1

Guy1: yea... im glad she's a Jennifer, they are awesome!
by happygolucky11 April 26, 2011

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