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The jolly, tiny, invisible people who shake you when you get a funny tingling feeling. They also molest children under six whilst playing loud nursery rhymes.
"Oo-hoo-hoo! I just got a tingle from the Tingletons! How fun! Also, please lock the door to Jonny's room a-sap."
by HappybirthdayXXX February 01, 2009
A rare fungal infection of the anus, most often caused by the application of plum jam. Symptoms include itching, burning, and the appearance of visible parasites whose movements give the appearance of a disco dance party going on in your ass. It is easily cured with antibiotics.
After last weekend's orgy, Timmy got a case of Arsehole Boogaloo so bad, you could see the party going on through his jeans.
by HappybirthdayXXX February 01, 2009
When the likeness of a whole roast pig is painted on someone's body in such a way that their anus acts as the rosy red apple wedged in said pig's mouth.
Rob asked me to do a joint costume for Halloween this year. I wanted to be a hula girl, so he went as apple anus. The party was great until someone stabbed him. He was delicious.
by happybirthdayXXX January 19, 2009

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