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geetika is a way shorter way of saying: funny, smart, creative, artist, and musician. This is the kinda person you would go to to spill all your secrets into because they are the best keepers of secrets. more ways to describe geetika is easy to piss off and looks are very important to them.
emily: look theres a funny, smart, creative, artist, and musician over there. who looks very good today

lisa: so geetika for short
by happy virus August 06, 2011
Someone who is a "pretty clear rock" and apparently that's what Jaeyoung stands for. Jaeyoungs are usually very smart, tall, pretty, and halarious. They're mostly asian considering jaeyoung is an asian name. They are also usually very creative and hate getting dissed so watch what your doing around them because they are very revengful.
tom: hey what's a eight letter name that means tall, asian, and funny?

billbert: Jaeyoung duh!
by happy virus August 06, 2011
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