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In a male couple, the guy who is lucky enough to wake up first and gives his sleepy partner a rise-and-shine blow job, as a wake up call.
In Wayne and Rusty's home, weekend mornings usually start off with a bang for Wayne because Rusty rolls over first thing to give his man a jaw-dropping blow job. After all is said and "swallowed," Rusty usually gives Wayne a sly grin and whispers to him, "early bird gets the worm." Being the first to rise-and-shine does have its tasty advantages.
#blow job #fellatio #dickmate #dick it up #dick-a-licious #brokeback moment.
by Happy Wolf January 15, 2007
A person who is most appreciative of all things involving the sight, smell, feel, and outward taste of a man's dick. They take pleasuring this part of a man's body to a higher level. In other words, they are a dick loving, ball-breathing, spooge guzzling goo-gobbler.
After the game, the dudes in our locker room turn into total dickmongers.
#crotch hawk #goo-gobbler #dick wrangler #strickly dickly #dick hugger
by Happy Wolf December 02, 2006
An expression used to describe dick-sucking between men who are often appreciated as being rugged, stubbly(or a little on the unshaven side), hairy, muscular, and oozing with raw manly sex. They may be into wearing denim, tattoos, boots, and listen to country music, with an "I break for BEARS!!!" bumper sticker on their trucks. They may be the kind of guy who is wearing leather and shades on a motorcycle with a scruffy beard and sexy smile. Truckers, bikers, construction workers, hard hats, and cowboys(or wang wranglers)...all of them are men who are more than a little rough around the edges and share an all consuming passion for sucking each other's sausage.
Ken and Josh like to go home, slide out of their denims, turn down the lights, slip into the shower, wash-off the dust and sweat from their job as construction workers and take turns giving each other's crotch as much oral attention as possible. They absolutely love smokin' the bear.
#bears #knob bobbin' #blow job #dickmonger #jizz wrangler
by Happy Wolf June 01, 2007
In reference to Fruit of the Loooms underwear, when a person is sooo turned on by another man or woman that it gets their sexual juices flowing.
Dude, whenever I see that hot guy in our locker room before he shaves all the scruff off of his "to-die-for" rugged face, I get all juicy in the looms.
#weepy in the thighs #rammy in my wranglers #turned on #tingle in my tool #hard on.
by Happy Wolf December 19, 2006
1) A purely positive reference to the many skills and abilities of a homosexually-inclined man or woman. In the extreme (stereotypical) sense of this expression, these two words may refer to the charms of Gay men (as decorators, artists, chefs, trend setters, and masters of taste) or Lesbians (excelling in sports or mechanical abilities).

2) For someone attracted to the same-sex, this expression refers to their almost magical ability to get another man or woman in the sack.

3) The intuitive ability of one Gay person to sense the presence of another Gay person through Gaydar.
Example 1: The show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is all about the Fab 5's homo mojo. Like the song at the beginning of the show says, "all things just keep getting better" with the crew of Queer Eye.

Example 2: Brad really does know just how to keep those home fires burning with his husband John...even in the bedroom...after 15 years!..Can you believe it?!? I need a little of their homo mojo to set my own sheet on fire with Paul.

Example 3: In a crowded room of people, Pete has a real knack for picking out most of the fellas who happen to be sausage hounds. I wish I had that much homo mojo in my back pocket.
#queer eye for the straight guy #fab 5 #gay #marriage #romance
by Happy Wolf December 23, 2006
When a person of the male persuasion feels a sense of attraction for a man or woman, with an obvious bulge in their jeans to show for it.
Whenever I watch our sweaty neighbor, John, mowing his lawn without a shirt, in those truly tight and revealing shorts, I get all rammy in my wranglers. He certainly knows how to put on a show.
#hard-on #woody #stiffer #chubby #erection
by Happy Wolf December 03, 2006
To painfully demonstrate that you know nothing about homosexuals, with thoughtless comments and actions. This term especially applies to people who make homophobic remarks in the presence of a Gay person. Such remarks are often made with the assumption that no homosexuals are actually present to witness their painful lack of social graces. In the real world, it pays to know something about homosexuals. Ignorance can be expensive.
Example #1: Saying to Bob (your Gay neighbor), "Hey, thanks for returning my mail again. Our new mail carrier keeps putting my mail in your box. What a stupid fag!"

Example #2: Saying to Joe (your Gay boss who is thinking about giving you a promotion), "You know, I hate to sound like a gossip but Jack, our new sales rep, is such a homo. I think he's been checking you out. Talk about Jack Nasty. Just wanted you to know...I already warned the rest of the guys in our department to watch out in the men's room for our new little crotch hawk."

Example #3: Saying to your hair stylist (the proud mother of a Lesbian daughter) "Can you believe those two woman on TV want to get married? It's like they want special rights or something. Talk about the wrong family values!!!"

Example #4: Making homophobic jokes in front of your (Gay) waiter with your bros after a game.

Example #5: Commenting to a (Gay) toll collector as a car with a rainbow sticker drives away "Guess they're everywhere. Hope they go back to Brokeback Mountain and stay there. By the way, how do I get back to my hotel?"

Example #6:

John: "You know Shelly keeps hitting on Jeff at work."

Wayne: "Yeah, you would think she would leave him alone. He keeps a picture of a guy on his desk. The way it shows them holding hands does not say 'brother' to me."

John: "I know for a fact that Jeff has been living with that guy for years. Sorry to say Shelly is more than a little homostupid."

#heterosexist #crotch hawk #bighot #homophobe #jack nasty
by Happy Wolf January 20, 2007
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