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3 definitions by hantheman

For a woman to arrive at work or a destination looking rough and as if she's been dragged though a hedge backwards!
Damn girl, what happened to you? You look Bednall this morning!
by hantheman March 25, 2009
Pronounced von-gol-ay: An expression of awesomeness.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Al? He took that girl home last night and tapped that ass right through till dawn!

Guy 2: Vongole!
by hantheman September 20, 2009
An expession of agreement in the style of cockney-rhyme slang.
Blatantly shorterned to "Blatoes" - Potaotes.
- "Dude, let's get to the bar now and get some beers in before it gets too busy.."

- "Potatoes dude, potatoes.."
by hantheman March 31, 2009