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For a woman to arrive at work or a destination looking rough and as if she's been dragged though a hedge backwards!
Damn girl, what happened to you? You look Bednall this morning!
by hantheman March 25, 2009
Pronounced von-gol-ay: An expression of awesomeness.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Al? He took that girl home last night and tapped that ass right through till dawn!

Guy 2: Vongole!
by hantheman September 20, 2009
The forgotten red headed step child of the corps, normally the most depressed and cynical cadets you will find
And then the Supe said to the Dean, "Fuck the Yuks"
by HanTheMan September 28, 2015
An expession of agreement in the style of cockney-rhyme slang.
Blatantly shorterned to "Blatoes" - Potaotes.
- "Dude, let's get to the bar now and get some beers in before it gets too busy.."

- "Potatoes dude, potatoes.."
by hantheman March 31, 2009
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