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4 definitions by hantav

A person who acts like a zombie at the sight or mention of breasts resulting in an uncontrollable appetite for breasts regardless of the size or shape.

Traditionally, zombies, a result of a terminal lethal condition, are the living dead that wonder around aimlessly in their endless search for brains to feed on. In contrast, zomboobies can have their condition reversed by removing stimuli relating to breasts in the immediate environment. However, when the zomboobie has condition has been activated all hell will break loose.

This condition may result in the zomboobie acting like (but definitely not limited too) a boob pirate, engage in boob pillaging and or boob nabbage.
Frank will turn into a zomboobie when he catches site of Heather's ample cleavage.
by hantav June 15, 2009
The flabby belly fat on a woman that is located below the belly button and above the cunt. Also known as the gunt. Typically, this unsightly part of the female anatomy is seen on women that are over weight. It may even correspond to the muffin top if said over weight woman is wearing a particularly tight pants.
That chick's bellygina makes her look like she's pregnant with squirrels.
by hantav August 04, 2008
When someone or something is both ugly and awkward.
Rosie O'Donnell is ugward.
by hantav September 17, 2009
1. A term to describe a very young child between the ages 0-4 years. This term specifically refers to the overwhelming accumulation of drool, random mouth ejecta and or snot on the child's face.

This messy and gross accumulation of bodily fluids on the face of the infant will instantly repulse people not interested in rearing kids.

2. Snot, specifically the runny kind that one gets after a cry, cold or flu.

Sally: OMG, did you hear that Tally has a new baby?
Mally: I know! Her new goober is soooo cute!!
Dally: Tally's goober is just as gross as any other goober out there.


Here is a Kleenex to wipe the goobers off your face.
by hantav March 23, 2010