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4 definitions by hanrose

an expression you use at random and completely inappropriate moments to cause confusion and mass laughter
NAT: who stole my coats?
ME: Jesus did it, don't question it
by hanrose November 25, 2007
to give sexual pleasure to yourself or others.
natalie chanfed so much that she last the use of her hand for a whole week
I don't wanna chanfe you, go chanfe yourself and leave me alone
by hanrose October 30, 2007
an alternative word used for asian people
nat fancies nahinjas? i always thought it was ninjas!
nahinja music is so not as good as ninja music.
by hanrose November 22, 2007
an acceptable alternative to the N word for white people to use when singing along to black music
realest ninjas
luda is one hell of a ninja, hos in different area codes hell yeah
michelle he's a ninja, go for it!
nat went ninja then came back???
by hanrose November 22, 2007