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a ladsy lad, whose only goal is to become the ultimate lad, uni, authority and unladsy chooks will not get in his way. A rooster is contempt with his sexuality and is willing to do anything of the sexual or ladsy nature to become a roosteroo, and will avoid anything unladsy in nature which may dampen his chances of success
Person 1: that is one good lookin' rooster, i bet he gets a few birds back to the coop

Person 2: yes that is correct
by hannoboss January 17, 2011
Somebody who has a obsession with hot drinks. Shortened from 'hot drink geezer', a colloquial term which grew to popularity during the cold winter days and nights of 2011. The name first come about when a man's infatuation with hot drinks was discovered in the great halls of trinity college. From that day forth the hot drink geezer was born and no amount of hot drinks could quench is thirst. The legend of his love affair with hot drinks will forever live on.
hey hot drink wanna see some Michael Jackson dance moves?
by hannoboss June 14, 2011
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