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A god forsaken town located in the PNW on the Columbia River. It is often referred to as "the couve" by locals. Located right at the border of Washington and Oregon, it is often confused with it's sister city Vancouver Cananda. Vancouver is named after Captain Vancouver duh who came down the Columbia River and built Fort Vancouver. Vancouver is a growing city, Clark County where it is located is the fastest growing county in Washington.

Vancouver is half trash/half suburbs. East Vancouver is full of suburbs and housing developments. Alot of scene kids, and goth kids live here. West Vancouver is full of trashy houses and alot of meth heads.

Not everything about Vancouver is bad, it is located right across the river from Portland, Oregon. And there is always the river which is nice to look at.

It is too bad that nearly all kids/teenagers hate Vancouver with a passion and the most common phrase heard is "Are you going to Portland?" Or "I fucking hate Vancouver" Most teenagers dream to escape to Portland or perhaps Seattle. For the most part, only older people like Vancouver, and they suffer to make their children live in this city.

Tragedy strikes Vancouver often it seems, as two teenagers were murdered this year, and it seems as though there are more shootings/baby killing not abortions and roberys every day.

One is lucky to escape Vancouver.
Scene kids:
scene kid #1:"hey man, are you going to the new bleeding xxx my heart show in Portland"
scene kid #2:"No man, my mom fucking grounded me, all I did was borrow her eyeliner"

everyone else:
kid #1:"I'm bored, there's nothing to do"
kid #2:"I know, I fucking hate Vancouver Washington, I can't wait to move"
by hanners June 10, 2006

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