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The most genuine, sweetest. & beautiful inside-and-out celebrity. Not only is she incredibly talented as a singer & songwriter, she's sincere to her fans. People complain that she only writes songs about love; it's true that love is her main subject, but if you look around almost every artist sings about love. She has plenty of songs that are not about love, such as Ronan, which she dedicated to a boy who died of leukemia. Others complain that she's supposed to be a country singer but isn't; I think it's great that she's experimenting with different things. And to those people who say she has no talent at all: Are you a 6 time Grammy Award Winner? Have you sold over 26 million albums & 70 million song downloads worldwide? People also call her a slut for having so many relationships, but she's said so herself that she's a hopeless romantic & falls in love easily. It's wonderful that she never gives up on love even though she's been hurt before, and that's she's open enough to share her lessons & realizations of love with the world. If you actually listen to her songs, any girl can relate to her beautiful lyrics. Not to mention that she's an amazing role model for these girls; unlike almost any other celebrity in the industry now, she's never really had any bad press. She's an incredibly down-to-earth, hilariously awkward, & sincerely sweet person, & doesn't deserve all the hate she gets.
Person 1: Who's your favorite celebrity?
Person 2: Taylor Swift. She's an amazing song-writer and she's really talented as a singer. Plus she has one of the sweetest and most sincere personalities ever.
by hannahtaylor13 December 15, 2012

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