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My Chemical Romance are an amazing band that have unique, poetic lyrics and band members that are just like normal people.
MCR don't even think of themselves as famous.
they live in NORMAL HOUSES.
They are not emo, they are beautiful, violent pop.
They have never reffered to themselves as emo unless being sarcastic.
Their lyrics are more sophisticated and deep than any crap "gangsta" singer's.
what sounds better? My chemical romance: "oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying."
"imaginary wedding gown that you can't wear in front of me. a kiss goodbye, your twisted shell, as rice grains and roses fall at your feet."
Or these random crappy lyrics?:
"you gotta pump it up!!!!"
"im gonna take you to the candy shop..."
by hannahgram August 07, 2006
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