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it is said that kurt cobain died of his own hand, apparently he held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger....thats not true!
there is far mre evidence to suggest that he was murdered!
1.he had made plans to meet his mum and other relatives to make up with them a week after his death..
2.the suicide note was NOT in his writing
3.he was sooo druged up, that he would have been dead or knocked out in seconds...definetly not enough time to neatly pack away all his drugs write a suicide note and hold a gun to his head and shoot himself!
4.when courtney love imployed ppl to go in search of kurt she told them not to look in the greenhouse (that is were kust supposively killed himself)
5.ppl who talked to kurt very shortly before his death said he was defnitely not suicidel and was looking forward to the future
6.he was going to divorse courney (his wife) and change his will so she couldnt get any of his money, he had an appointment to change his will a couple of days l8r.
7.the greenhouse he was found in was locked from the outside!!
Kurt Cobain made Grunge, and courney love killed it
by hannah flood April 11, 2006

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