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1 definition by hannah d. montana

to ramba - v.) to attack/annihilate with the use of booze and/or sex.
to completely destroy anything, especially while intoxicated . ex: car, liver, a plate of delicious drunk food etc.

rambaed - adj.) extremely intoxicated or ridiculous. also interchangeable with "f**ked" or "f**ked up".
describing a painful condition usually involving an injury sustained while intoxicated.

Ramba - proper n.) a substitute for any word in a britney spears song, particularly any song from the hit album "blackout"

"Let's go ramba some Tolly Ho/Cane's after we leave 80s dance party"

"I was really rambaed when I set my ringtone to Trina, but now i kind of like it."

"Oh my god, that Ramba's shameless"
"Gimme, gimme Ramba"
by hannah d. montana March 27, 2008