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103 definitions by hannah

someone that is sexworthy
damn girl! you sure are boofilicious
by hannah March 19, 2005
another word for fucking
i just shnucked tongiht
John is a shnucking perv.
Jeanne is shnucking hot.
by HaNnAh March 15, 2005
an old womans droopy vagina. like grandma's crusty old pooch vagina
Grandma has a gross saggy droop.
by hannaH April 11, 2005
Used to describe someone who wears all the cool clothes and tries to talk cool and listen to cool muscic, but is still really a loser or nerd
Joanna: Look at the dummy over there in all the Dior!
Jane: Yeah i know. What a yopburger
by Hannah April 04, 2005
1]for sure
3]of course
kay-"are you coming the the party this saturday?"
hannah-"oh fo shaganoff"
by hannah October 28, 2004
First heard, August 24th, during closing shift at a large international clothing retailer, in reference to a request though can be used in different contexts.
"please neatinize the store" I.e. ensure that everything is neat, everything in its palce.
"Jon Doe needs to neatinize his hair down there, as it is like going on a hunting expedition to find the goods!"
by Hannah August 24, 2004
Popular subversive term used by medical professionals in the UK to denote an action that they would like to do to certain patients, but which is not allowed under the regulations of the General Medical Council's "Good Medical Practice".
I had some god-awful pikey family in my surgery this morning, the little brats were running riot around the room emptying out the cupboards while their parents chain-smoked and whinged about why they were too ill to work. I think I'll refer them all to the slap clinic.
by Hannah July 17, 2004