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an adverb that describes people who are being inhibitly flirty with the people around them, making passes at anything that moves.
Chris is disgustingly flirtatious, even around other guys.
by Hanna June 13, 2004
slang term used by southerners for Waffle House.
when you live in the south and you're drunk and hungry at 2am, there's nowhere to go but waffle house. bitch.
by Hanna February 27, 2005
the sexiest man alive for 2005.
1.Rake Yohn
2.Brandon DiCamillo
3.Mark Hanna
by Hanna March 10, 2004
Jelly bracelets mean whatever you want them to mean.They can mean sex or a fashion statement.I wear 'em for both.Now it aint a crime to wear those and it is really strange that schools would ban them.Look,i have more then a lot of jelly "sex" braceletes ..whatever.The point is,no matter what it means,people will still wear 'em.

My definitions~

Pink~make out
Purple~hand job
Green~oral sex
and i have wayy more then that.
"I am so hoping to get laid by that guy.I just need him to snap my black bracelet".
by Hanna December 16, 2003
Also known as 'What's going on' (a grammatically precise alternative). Used by many of the 90's teens, but could slowly make a come back.
Guy1: "Hey dude, what's the rip?"
Guy2: "Bloody Knackered that's what"
by Hanna September 13, 2004
sex bracelets are no different to any other bracelet, the only difference is that they break easier. my boyfriend snapped almost all of my bracelets and ties them to his bike! its no big deal! my teachers will take the damn things! its not like the kids are goin to have sex in school. they just wait until after school and go to the park bathrooms!
fucking teachers think they know everything about middle schoolers. we rock!
by hanna July 27, 2004
A badass shoe company owned by 2 of the members of Blink-182.
Hey, check out Hanna's sweet new Eliots. Macbeths own!
by hanna March 19, 2005

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