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non-appealing breasts.
'check out the monkey udders on that slut'


'she got 3 kids, her tits will be like monkey udders'
by hank grolok December 15, 2011
a sly yet secretive gentleman's pleasure by hand and cock
guy 1 ' what the fuck you ding you cunt?'

guy 2 ' shit! what the fuck '

guy 1 ' put it away you dick, your a furtive wanker'
by hank grolok February 03, 2012
the quite stupendous display of ejaculated cream from the lads big cock.
guy 1 ' hey man, I was sooo gagging last night'

guy 2 ' you fuck your bitch up?'

guy 1 'yeh, she got gentlemans piss-fruit in the face'
by hank grolok February 03, 2012
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