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A person who studies ie mugs all day for exams and has no life. Typically, he is a closet mugger and tells people he does not mug while secretly as a snake, he studied his ass off. Hence, the term snaek. Note that you spell it as snaek and not snake.
Jock: My God you study so much!
Jonathan: Nah I don't study much at all...

Jock: Please, you do, that's why you score so well for your exams!
Jonathan: I swear, I don't.
Jock: Psshh, you snaek...
by Handyman July 13, 2013
Scripted media coverage to deceive viewers into believing something that's not true yet plays into the narrative of a large corporate interest or government.
The Pittsburg Pirates wear Camo uniforms to convince fans they care about the military but if you see through the Media Camo they secretively could care less.
by HandyMan July 31, 2015
The state of a suffering vagina lacking penetration yet the soul enhabiting the body is unwilling to settle for less than perfect wang chung.
Lori needs some "D" bad but is so in her head her vajaja has been sent to coochatory. Not that she can't get "D" but she denies "D" for eternity based off blasphemy.
by HandyMan September 17, 2015
One who masturbates way too much around canvas.
To be or not to be an exploding hand artist, that is te question.
by HandyMan November 01, 2013
another term for a geek, nerd, dweeb. Someone who does not fit in.
Refers to the kind of kid who got in trouble for eating paste in preschool activities.
Watching Star Trek reruns is for paste- eaters.
by handyman February 11, 2004
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