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3 definitions by handyman

One who masturbates way too much around canvas.
To be or not to be an exploding hand artist, that is te question.
by HandyMan November 01, 2013
A person who studies ie mugs all day for exams and has no life. Typically, he is a closet mugger and tells people he does not mug while secretly as a snake, he studied his ass off. Hence, the term snaek. Note that you spell it as snaek and not snake.
Jock: My God you study so much!
Jonathan: Nah I don't study much at all...

Jock: Please, you do, that's why you score so well for your exams!
Jonathan: I swear, I don't.
Jock: Psshh, you snaek...
by Handyman July 13, 2013
another term for a geek, nerd, dweeb. Someone who does not fit in.
Refers to the kind of kid who got in trouble for eating paste in preschool activities.
Watching Star Trek reruns is for paste- eaters.
by handyman February 11, 2004