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Nick name for A very very bumpy road in Saucon Valley School District in Bethlehem. It is the road of multi-million dollar mansions. This Road is amazing to speed down, its a free roller coaster. But the ride can sometimes be ruined by the streets rich inhabitants, who drive very slowly and give you an evil glance if you a. try to pass them b. if your speeding in the opposite direction.
Girl: I want to go to Dorney Park to ride a roller coaster.
Boy: We can't I don't have any money, but we could drive down Tickle Belly Road with out seat belts.
Girl: Great Idea!
by handspringgirl97 March 29, 2009
Instead of saying fuck, or any other foul language, especially when there are young children around. Its just as meaningful, if everyone knows what it means, plus the fact that it is fun to say, and it avoids getting dirty looks and getting yelled at by teachers.
Girl 1: Did you remember to get the money from your mom.

Girl 2: Fu.. I mean fudggermuffins, I forgot.

Girl 1: Why you say that?

Girl 2: I don't want my 5 year old cousin to hear that stuff.
by handspringgirl97 January 22, 2011
A public school in South Eastern PA, known as the "rich kids" School. Mostly due to the fact that many students parents settled in the area because of there engineering jobs. The SoLehi Spartans, are known for their kick ass swim team, and field hockey team. A mostly white school known for its academic programs and ability to party. Many of the students are stuck up arrogant and have been sheltered all their lives. But most are not. Sister school to Saucon Valley High School. The School's colors are blue black and white.
Southern Lehigh High School is similar to Saucon Valley High School because it is a richie rich school as well, I mean go on Tickle Belly Road and Just look in awh... $2,000,000+ houses.

Sheltered kids who want to go home from school when their boyfriend breaks up with them
by handspringgirl97 March 29, 2009
To Throw out the Window, something MR. HAUPT threatens us with daily. His classroom is on the 2nd floor
John: You mean 2+3=8?
MR. Haupt: Dont make me defenestrate you
by handspringgirl97 March 29, 2009
Nick Name for Sophia or Sophie
also spelled Snofs
Sophia: Hi Marie
Friend: Hi Snofie
by handspringgirl97 March 29, 2009
Located in Allentown, Pa. Is one of the oldest and well known gymnastics training centers in the country. Named after Mr. Park, who donated money to build a real gym. Co-owned by Bill and Donna Strauss. Know for its incredibly rigorous training and expense, that often burns out many of the high level gymnasts before getting to the Olympics. Past olympians include: Kristen Malloney, '00, and Kim Kelly, '92.

To be a Parkette, is to be a gymnast at Parkettes
Kristen Malloney would have done better at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, if she would not have been injured due to being overworked at Parkettes
by handspringgirl97 January 11, 2011
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