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1. A term that is used when multiple heterosexual men start behaving in a very homosexual way with no prior intent or warning of said act. Kansas City fagots usually occur when someone starts singing Oklahoma!, De Camp town Races or Cotton Eye Joe and no member of the opposite sex is around to dance with. This situation leads to same sex dancing. Kansas City Fagots are famous for occurring among rural Caucasians who seem to uncharacteristically lose track of public perception when these songs are played and are usually led by a stated homophobic yet closeted individual.

2. A term used to describe two heterosexual men acting as homosexual partners in order to obtain benefits from employer or a discharge from the military.
Did you see how those rednecks acted when they played Cotton Eye Joe at the NASCAR rally?

Yeah, they were dancing around like a bunch of Kansas City Fagots!

Why did the army discharge those guys? We all know they aren't really gay.

Yeah, they are just a bunch of Kansas City fagots.
by handpluckedking May 20, 2009
The name for a supposed strain of chlamydia that originated in Maryville, MO.
I'm going to the 'ville tonight to get some pussy.

Watch out for skanks with the Bearcat Clap!
by handpluckedking May 21, 2009
Some one who is hand plucked by God out of the millions and millions of people to be the one. It usually refers to Elvis or a sweaty fat man that has a lot of confidence, knows Ka-ra-tay and has side burns.
Elvis was the hand plucked king because God said that he was the one out of the millions and millions of people.
by handpluckedking May 20, 2009

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