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Getting sex for a Christmas present, be it early, or right on time. White referring to the skeet that is present, and Christmas referring to the act being an early present, or right on time.
Ninja: I just had sex, it was white.... Christmas is good.

-Zcarfanatic: Well MERRY christmas to you ...only problem now is you already got your present and its not even christmas.

-00camaroSS: wrong. thats the gift that keeps on giving.

-Zcarfanatic: your right...man I have been asking my girlfriend the wrong things all along my birthday,christmas, and valentines day should be simple for her now.
Just lay back and relax and let me enjoy my gift.

-Ninja: And so you see.... everyone CAN have a white Christmas, just have to ask the right question and give the right gift.
by handon December 24, 2009
A cross between bro and buddy
Hey brody. What's goin on?
by handon September 07, 2009

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