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Despite the moronic ramblings of some of the other writers posted here, the Desert Eagle is an extremely powerful, relenting and highly accurate pistol capable of dealing massive amounts of damage due to it's large calibers. Adding to its great size and weight is the fact that it has a slide that travels rearward when reloading. This takes most "climb" out of the recoil and will put less snap on the wrists of a shooter than a revolver of the same caliber. What does this mean? Faster target acquisition for follow up shots. I have found the accuracy with a scoped 10" barrel from a supported firing position can be equal to many rifles at the distance of 100 yards. All in all, the Desert Eagle can support a variety of calibers and barrel lengths making it one of the most versitile handguns in production. Why did this gun become popular in movies and video games? Because it was, and still is, popular in the shooting world.
I can't say how they shoot in videos games, but desert eagles are fun IRL.
by hand cannon June 30, 2006

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