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The most awesome man ever. He pitied da foo and liked to bust foo's haids.
Foo: Hey.
Mr. T: Shut yo jibba-jabba, foo, fo' I bust yo haid!
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel May 29, 2005
When someone just doesn't care about all the good things you've done for them.
Namely, the French.

And don't forget the Canadians. They're half-french.
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel May 29, 2005
The fat dude on South park.

Likes: Racism, Okama, Casa Bonita, Terrence & Phillip, blasphemy & getting his way

Dislikes: Just about everything else
Kenny: *picks up phone* Mff mff mff phone for you.

Cartman: Not racism?

Kenny: Mf.

Cartman: Not Okama?

Kenny: Mf.

Cartman: Not Terrence & Phillip?

Kenny: Mf.

Cartman: Not blasphemy?

Kenny: Mf.

Cartman: Not getting my way?

Kenny: Mf.

Cartman: Not interested.
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel June 04, 2005
What cool dudes say when someone's being a noob.
Noob: *spams up the boards*
Cool dude: Wow. You fail at the internets.
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel June 03, 2005
The new GameBoy that is SUPPER TUPER TINY TEENY WEENY! It was revealed at E3 2005. It has the brightest screen ever, rumored to turn blind men into seeing human citizens. A price is not yet set, but it'll be released some day.
And with that, Reggie stuck his mighty hand ito his stylish suit and pulled out from its sexy depths, a GameBoy Micro!
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel May 28, 2005
A sad entry in the book of life. The rap/pop band's one-hit wonder, which was quite tuneless in the first place, -'s chorus went "NOW HOO LET THE DAWGZ OWIZZOWT WOOF WOOF" and had thusly created the most annoying catch phrase of the early 2000's.
Jim: Hey, last night, a guy broke into my house and left the door open, thus creating a gateway for my Shnauzher to escape torture.

Bo: Oh, really? I bet he REALLLY let the dogs out. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Jim: Hey didn't the Baha Men sing that?
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel June 04, 2005
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