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3 definitions by hammond swiss

describes the rhythm of buttocks in motion, esp. desirable ones.

"tock" is short for BUTT-tocks.

"tick-tock" is also onomatapoeic, describing the sound made by shoes or high heels.
here's how it might be used in conversation:

George W. Bush: "tick-tock, twelve-o-clock." (the girl walking right in front of us has a fantastic ass i can't stop looking at. are you looking at it too?)

Dick Cheney: "tick TOCK." (yes, i see. it is quite remarkable)

George W. Bush: "tick-tock you don't stop" (i could look at that ass forever)

Dick Cheney: "you know what time it is." (i agree wholeheartedly)

George W. Bush: "tick...tock...tick...tock"

Dick Cheney: "hmmmm... tick-tock, three o'clock." (look to your right)

George W. Bush: "tick TOCK."

by hammond swiss March 20, 2005
a person who attracts the (often unwanted) attention of dogs.

see fire hydrant.
"he's always flirting with girls he wouldn't date in a million years."

"yeah, he's a total hydrant"
by hammond swiss March 20, 2005
a glutton, fat person, overeater esp. policemen
look at that donut hole over there. he's huge.
by hammond swiss March 20, 2005