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Exo ( exogenous ) + endorphins ( endogenous moprphins ):
exorphins are the brain's opiates that's found in food, outside the body -- maily in gluten-rich wheat and dairy-products. They contain opioid peptides-influencing endorphin-receptors. These peptides are physically addictive, causing dependence, asthma, obesity, apathy, ignorance and numbness.
'Zombie food', is food high in exorphins that are responisble for food addiction and compulsive eating.
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
Imaginary, air-carried attractant exohormones/ pheromones.
It's a word used mainly in 'sniff therapy', a new psychotherapeutic method for couples with sexual problems, where -- basically 'sniffing' your partner's undies can fire up one's IRMs (innate releasing mechanisms: the brain-prewired mechanism for receiving chemical pheromones!).

These undetectable pheromones are thought to play a major part in what has been called the 'addiction factor': the headiness, memory and attraction caused by your partner's smell, which might play a significant role in the affinity you might have lost from either way too much 'partner familiarization' or, long-timed loss of contact!
Philons are now embedded in 'pre-odorised' underwear and manily used in the still-rising industry of 'biocosmetics', to manufacture individualized biocolognes!
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
Club candy that's been around for some time known as 'chewable liquor': gelatinous lozenges that contain concentrated alcohol and are very potent.
Another club favorite similar to chewable liquor is called (rather punnigly...) AWOL:
Alcohol WithOut Liquid, which is an inhalable form of alcohol, mixed with oxygen for faster 'hit' effect.
by hammer---;, hytham May 16, 2007
Thick-bodied, almost chewable barley beers.
These beers come fortified naturally with anti-oxidants, carbs and vitamins, which had made them quiet popular.

Similar to food beers, are what's known as 'lively beers', espicially ales.
by hammer---;, hytham May 16, 2007
Having no sufficient fruit/veg in one's diet/food-intake. Also means the inability to provide healthy food for one's family.

People in Turd World 'cunt'ries like mine, are always characterized by their angry looks, stiff unhealthy bodies and bad temperament, you lil' foreigners are liable for getting your pretty 'white' teeth knocked at any time just by casually staring at passerbys! It all chalks back to what these goat-grabbing Arabtards put in their bellies: fatty 'empty calories' food (e.g. 'mansef' which is basically overcooked rice "roz" with pieces of either lamb meat "lahem", or chicken "jaj" and sour fermented goat milk "laban" that is also made by border-sharing Syria, Iraq & Sinai in Egypt), that stuff their protruding bellies and block their hearts (literaly and figuratively), and minds.

You cannot in any way figure the same as I, cause simply you aren't locked with the same fools like me! It's worse than what you might think: young men they look older than their real age, women are nothing but horny fatards with a short-fuse and all of them are bonkass crazy!
What else there's to do in Jordan known by its shitty economy and a nonexistent job market other than overeating?!

Almost all of the meat that gets used in the forementioned 'manasef' (pl.), comes from way 'Turdier' countries (mainly Sudan, Bulgaria and Romania), with bad refrigerating methods and recently... serial food-poisoning cases were reported all over Amman and a neighboring city called Ma'adaba! And the local Ammani 'souks' (markets that sell MICs or goods 'made in China'), are abrim with farmed fish fed on cheap fish growth-hormones to make it more 'sellable' (there's a saying here and in other Mid-Rim countries that says, 'The Eye Eats, Not The Mouth'. Go figure!). Fruit is sold in special allocated places called 'hisbah' (sing.) and it's only fourth-grade, non-export produce: better, export-grade fruit/veg are hauled out the 'Kinkdom' and sold to wealthy buyer-powerful Gulf states like Saudi Arabi, Kuwait, U.A.E. and Oman... where the resident 'Gulfans' are fatter than Mastodons!... leaving us po' fucks with nothing edible to put in our mouths, or money to buy anything decent enough to feed our children!

One last thing: I had a nice chat with a swee Southern Bellatrix lately and she, innocently asked me what do we normally have for food. I answered back by stating that, not long ago and because it's already 'springish' in Jordan... the 'only' national TV station ran a 6-o'clock telereport about a 'weed' -- for seriousness! -- called 'khubaiza' (scientific name: Malva parviflora and is known in English as 'little mallow'), that's usually found growing in large quantities around sewage-collecting pipelines (or as we here say, 'masarif el'charah') and the fucking reporter glazed over a bunch of it as he popvoxed the 'seasonal' souk shoppers who couldn't agree more that, yes... it's a perfect, nourishing meat-substitute (not vegan-wise. Mind), because -- their words -- "it's very rich in the blood-boosting mineral iron!". Godfuck! The iron that's in khubaiza isn't even hemic FFFS!
We're not even saved by irony!

Also called 'silent hunger'.
'Food insecurity' is the inability of goverments to provide food for their own people: The 'Assmite Kinkdon of Whordan', which is in addition to being 'food-insecure', suffers from 'hidden hunger' and everybody is after that lost NBH (Next Bowl of Hummus).
by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007
Montana's Tendergroin steakmeat, for the hicksvillians!
Cowboy caviar is a pun on what countrypolitans flash as their new-found riches!
by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007
I have to agree with the abovementioned definition of 'Slavior': it may be a 'nonce word' created by someone who was bored-stiff outta his/her skull, but the word desribes that 'person' -- people usually do think that the Anti-Christ is non other than The Beast666 himself, who's not human -- that will come at the Endtimes and lead the World into Salvation (=enslavement: which is a very clever play on the relationship bewteen God and his 'slaves')...and sheeple will be led away to think otherwise or question his authenticity.

One last: this Slavior is going to be a Muslim and his followers will rise from the walls of Mecca, to concur cities east and west..."at the far shore-end of the Great Ocean. One city on the East they will enter with shouts of Allah-Akbar! and the other is a city with a thousand markets in each market there are one thousand markets that reside on the Western shore*".
*These verses were taken from a very old book that talks about the Mehdi, or as the Shiites call him 'Al-Qaiem' (The Stander or 'defender' of God's will) and he is going to be the Slavior (a.k.a. False-Messiah/ Anti-Christ/ Anti-God or as Arab Muslims call him 'AlAawaarAddajal', or the Liar with the One Eye' because his left eye will be 'put off' later on). And the two cities are NY & LA, both known as NewAngeles ("City of The Million Shops" it's an old name LA used to be called).
I think that if human beings were to face The Slavior at the End of Time, then I guess it's just -- as a devout Mahayanan Buddist -- a turn of simple 'Karmaggedon'!

by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007

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