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12 definitions by halo

A Kawasaki motorbike.
"Can I 'ave a ride on ya Quack mate?"
by Halo August 30, 2003
Like "Jayzus", only Jay-Z-zus. Something you say when you're fed up and irritated. In place of "Jesus!"
"Will you shut up already, you been yapping your mouth for an hour! Jay-Z-zus!" or "Look what that girl is wearing! Jay-Z-zus Christ!"
by halo May 21, 2004
To skank something is to get something for free that someone was very lucky to get. A very lucky bastard
"He skanked that Pizza for nout! The skanky git"
by Halo August 30, 2003
Another word for a tart.
David Feeney's a right cousin he is!
by Halo August 30, 2003
Someone who is reliant on drugs.
"That Jim Reynolds is a right smackhead, y' twonk with right bad breath"
by Halo August 30, 2003