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2 definitions by hallmarkKitty

Similar to Beergoggles.

Only seeing everything through the eyes of someone who loves love or in love.

Love tinted glasses.

Generally related to encouraging people or used as weapon of persuasion to make people fall in love either with other people or items.
Friend one: I really like that guy..but I don't think I should go for it.

Friend two(with lovegoggles): Honey, you should totally go for then you can get married have babies, get a dog - grow old, move to France and live happily ever after..

Friend one: You are so right.. I'm totally going for it..


I lovegoggle that (*insert item of desire)
by hallmarkKitty April 16, 2009
When you get so drunk that you wake up not knowing quite how you got home.
Michelle got so drunk last night she was CARRIED home from liquid. When she woke up she was face down in her toilet - she has no idea how she got there, she not only suffers from a hangover but a Holden Hangover today. Unlucky!!
by hallmarkKitty June 12, 2009