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A bunch of morons running around with rags on their heads and bodies, claiming to be "Christians" while blatantly violating the 7th Commandment: "Thou shalt not kill." Notice it did not say, "Thou shalt not kill anyone except Black people, Asians, homosexuals, etc." But, no, they probably didn't notice that, being that they are also generally VERY uneducated. Also have some strange, obscure reason for hating Catholics. Also known as the KKK or the White Knights.
"The KKK had a rally in Jasper, TX."

Good God! Who let the crackers loose?
by Hallie Corson June 19, 2005
An instrument that can sound beautiful WHEN PLAYED RIGHT. However, most of the time it isn't.
My definition of the way a bad violin sounds: "Horse hairs rasping against the entrails of a cat!"
by Hallie Corson September 09, 2005
A sport in which the participants run around on the field wearing STINKIN' HOT UNIFORMS, playing music of some sort, while carrying instruments of varying sizes. All this AFTER 12 or so hour days of hotter than hades practices and pain. And yet, we keep coming back...I LOVE IT!!!
My band director's philosophy concerning shows was, "If you don't end the show out of breath and about to pass out, you didn't give it your all."
by Hallie Corson August 28, 2005
What someone who is part of the sadly diminishing group of people who have enough common sense to WORK HARD, PRAY HARD, PLAY HARD, AND LOVE DEEP ought to be PROUD to call themselves!
Country till I die! No, wait, Heaven is country, too, so country for eternity!!!
by Hallie Corson October 27, 2004
a rather nice alternative to "Damn!"
Dagnabit, I forgot about that Physio Psych test today!
by Hallie Corson March 02, 2004
The closest thing to heaven on earth!
A travelling salesman was in California and he saw a golden payphone. The sign below the phone said, "Direct Line to Heaven: $30,000." The salesman travelled all over the country and wherever he went, he saw the same type of phone with the same type of sign under it. "Direct Line to Heaven: $30,000." When he went to Texas, however, he saw the same type of phone and the sign under it said, "Direct Line to Heaven: 25 Cents." He commented on this to one of the locals. "Everywhere I go in this country, I see this type of phone and the sign under it says, 'Direct Line to Heaven: $30,000.' But when I see this same phone in Texas, it says, 'Direct Line to Heaven: 25 Cents.' Why do you suppose that is?" The man answered, "That's easy. From here, it's a local call."
by Hallie Corson November 14, 2005
Nickname for New York City. Originally termed by a newspaper man to describe Broadway, as in the big apple to which everyone aspired. Eventually came to mean the entire New York City.
The first time I saw "Phantom of the Opera" was on the Big Apple (Broadway) in the Big Apple (NYC).
by Hallie Corson October 19, 2004

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