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Pronunciation: "&n-ri-'koi-t&d
Function: adjective

1. not recoited
2. a love or flirtation which has not been cemented with sex <unrecoited love>
Deborah and Chastity have been flirting for months, but their love remains unrecoited.
by hallah February 02, 2006
Pronunciation: ri-'koit-ed
Etymology: re- + coitus (to have sexual relations)
1 a : to make return for with sex: REPAY (with sex) b : to make retaliation for with sex: AVENGE (with sex)
2 : to make suitable return to for a declaration of love by means of sexual relations

see: unrecoited
After months of flirting, Deborah and Chastity's love was finally recoited after a romantic dinner and two bottles of wine.
by hallah February 02, 2006
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