2 definitions by half-baked

our tweaker-ass fucktarded president of the united states that is an embarrassment to economics, society and the use of speed.

our gas prices are high cause of the war in iraq which began around this time (march) 2003 which was bush's idea. on top of that he is the reason we receive a punishment from god by having hurricane katrina slam into new orleans, not just because there were too many tweakers walking the street during the summer nights of 2005.

another one of his dumb ideas is having spring forward early the second week of march (2007) which is a half-baked idea.
george w bush sucks dick he is such a goon.
by half-baked March 09, 2007
the highest point in the upland pipeline which is a little bit 0ver 10 oclock and 2 oclock.
Team Skumline kickass
by half-baked August 17, 2007

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