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a guy who will love you no matter what you do. the most important and loving person in the world no matter what age you are.
my dad was the most wonderful person ever.
by haley caymen November 20, 2007
the thin peice of skin covering the vaginal opening.
also known as a hymen.
hymens can be broken in many different ways, not just sexual intercourse. examples include, heavy athletics, the use of tampons, fingering, or streaching of the pelvic area.
some girls are not even born with a cherry.
idiot: "dude i fucked that girl over there and she didnt bleed when i popped her cherry. she said she was virgin though."
not such an idiot: "she mite use tampons..."
idiot: "oooohh"
by haley caymen November 23, 2007

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