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Well, there's so much to say about Geisi, all you have to do when you meet a Geisi, is stick to her, cause this type of girl is a very surprising person, always. But to give a brief perspective, she is a very unique female, her beauty is like a rose among the weeds. Just by the genuineness of her name. You will not find, not even in the first half of the hemisphere someone named as her. A very caring person, with the most beautiful soul, meticulous. Has a beautiful personality, self-assured, and very acute, as angles in geometry. conservative&the perfect wife. Smart to a nerdy point, knows to have fun, a good girl but can also be bad. Craziness in a certain way&point, can carry a big mouth. Usually has high morals, do not fuck with her sweet side, otherwise you will meet the sour. Passionate&the queen of romance, that she should be the goddess of love, a wise woman, strong as her unbreakable soul, Carries tons of qualities, capable of anything, loves to achieve what she wants. A very strong mind&optimist. She could be as manly as Mars&won't lose her Venus nature. Also very hybrid person, Has the most dearly heart in world, amazing as the entire meaning of amazing, her awesomeness in indescribably lovable.
-man! that girl, she is so Geisi

*Geisi walks by*
-Guy: hey, isn't that...Geisi? I've seen her somewhere.
- idk dude, but she is pretty.
-Guy: got my back? be right back.

*runs after Geisi*
Guy: hey, didn't we meet in highschool?
Geisi: omg! yes, your face is familiar.
Guy: well, get my number.
Geisi: lol okaaay? what would that be?

*guys jumps all happy*
yeah! she has my number!
by hakunnamatata August 07, 2012

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