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The single best piece of entertainment ever fucking created, Full Metal Jacket is the Jesus of badassness. It includes such badass stuff as the U.S. Marines, ten minutes of the best chewing out known to the civilized world, machine guns, Ak-47s, M-16, hookers, R. Lee Ermey,and lots of stuff blowing up, all in one movie.
Full Metal Jacket takes shits tougher than all other war movies combined.
by haji killa January 12, 2008
The weapon cheap third world assholes use when they can't afford an M-16.
Commies, terrorists, and African tribal monkey warriors all use the AK-47.
by haji killa January 08, 2008
A sorry excuse for a human being that spends way too much time sitting on their fat ass playing videogames, and no time drinking and getting pussy. If they have any friends, they are also hardcore gamers, and therefore also a disgrace to humanity.

Hardcore gamers can be spotted quite easily. They usually wear gay ass Atari and Nintendo shirts, and can usually be seen either alone or with a few other gamerqueers, playing Dungeons and Dragons (or whatever). They will never be seen with a female. Ever.

They are characterized by an extreme phobia of even thinking of talking to even an average looking girl, freakishly high test scores in math and science, no job, overweightness or obesity (although in some cases they are skinny little pencil pricks), and a tendancy to talk about the latest Star Trek episode.

Michael Moore is probably a hardcore gamer.
by haji killa January 13, 2008
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