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3 definitions by haiyyu

Amongst other things, an expression used by feminists to mock anyone who doesn't agree with their opinions.
"Hey, look, this man disagrees that men can't get raped!"
"Oh my God, what a shitlord!"
by haiyyu November 24, 2012
How idiots spell "Doctor Octogonapus".
Person A: Have you seen the Lazer Collection!?
Person B: Yeah, I have... I like Doctor Octagonapus the best lol
Person A: It's F*ING SPELLED "OCTOGONAPUS"!!! With an O, not an A!!!
by haiyyu October 29, 2011

A cool way of typing "police".
Brad: So why weren't you at my party yesterday?

Joe: Yo dude, I was on my, like, way and then the poleese like, totally stopped me.
by haiyyu March 03, 2012