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To rid or cleanse one's self of something negative, resulting from utterly stupid and incompetent decisions in the past.

This term originates from the Detroit Lions' incompetent and udderly stupid former CEO and General Manager, Matt Millen.
1. "The upcoming draft and free agency will help the Detroit Lions to de-millenize the roster."

2. "I can't believe I stepped in that pile of dog crap while hopping the fence. Now I need to de-Millenize my Rockports."
by hairygerman January 02, 2011
1) a band aid applied to a very minor flesh wound for the sole purpose of stopping the victim from crying.

2) a band aid applied to a minor flesh wound to make the victim feel a false sense of concern about their wound.

3) a band aid applied to a minor flesh wound to accelerate the victim's process of "getting over it".
Tommy fell down in the grass and started crying uncontrollably. I applied an appeasement strip to his leg.

Tina tripped over her bookbag, and began crying. I applied an appeasement strip to make her stop.
by hairygerman August 16, 2009
The day after Easter Sunday when everyone has a surplus of hardboiled eggs. These eggs are often used up by making egg salad.
"I'm suffering the adverse effects of Egg Salad Monday".
"I'm out of town on Easter Weekend, but I think I can come by on Egg Salad Monday.
by hairygerman August 13, 2009

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