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A Slugar is the slutty cousin of the thirty something to fifty year-old Cougar. Slugar’s are known to dress like a twenty year old hooker, generally showing copious amounts of cleavage of their enhanced breasts. Slugar’s tend to shy away from higher end night clubs and are found to aggressively prey upon younger men in bars and honkey tonks. Like her cousin the Cougar, Slugar’s stink of cheap perfume and their breath smells like a day old beer bottle. Should you find yourself being bagged by a Slugar, it is best to go to a clinic and get VD shots.
After we left Wal-Mart we all went over to DeadEye Dick’s for the Tuesday night buck a Tequila shot. The bar was packed with slugar's, at first we thought they were hookers but it turned out they were just sleazy Cougar’s looking for young meat.
by hairyeye February 22, 2012

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