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okay there is no way to really define the word scene but it involes people who
-go to shows
-have snake bites (lip rings on both sides of lips)
-girls have septum periced (middle of the nose)
-random bleach spots in there hair
-the guys wear tight pants
-the girls wear tight pants (like the guys)
-lots of makeup
-are picture whores
www.myspace.com/lunachick522 shes a good example
www.myspace.com/toredorpunk is also a good example

stfuXitsXlove:hey cuttie yew suck
toredorpunk:aww lol stfu yew make me laff eye lub yew =]
stfuXitsXlove:of course yew do && eye lub yew also
toredorpunk:lets go take pictures of ourselfs makingout kk ?
stfuXitsXlove:&& foursure babe gosh were so scene
toredorpunk:kay eye will c yew @ yeor house =]
by hailee February 25, 2006

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