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gingervitus is not real, having red hair and freckles is NOT a disease AT all. Its like how Hispanics are usually tan with brown hair or black hair, you can easily describe a hispanic, now gingers have souls and i know that because i am one, but obviousely theres differant types of gingers. because most gingers i know have curly bright orange hair and are white with freckles and blue eyes, and are often chunky. Now i have brownish red hair, freckles, green eyes, and i am skinny, and quite tan for a ginger, but compared to a brunette im probably white. its a flipping hair color that often comes with other traits such as pale skin, and freckles. so SHUT UP WITH THE GINGERVITUS! okay?
gingervitus? man thats a bunch of bull! they dont know what theyre talking bout, gingervitus....MY ASS. that aint no disease.
by hahahahhahahahaha lame March 25, 2010
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